Episode 8.11, Motor Skills

In which Frasier and Niles pass notes during class.


George Costanza had a Virtual Boy and a Super Nintendo.

george costanza having a virtual boy is maybe the most george costanza thing i’ve ever seen.

like i can imagine him walking into the circuit city and seeing and going “this is gonna be a revolution! i gotta snatch one up to sell it for a high price later”

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Catwoman v3 #82 cover by Adam Hughes


Catwoman v3 #82 cover by Adam Hughes  


I dreamt this and I think this should be levi’s new name.

Reigisa being totally obvious adorable around eachother

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a metaphor of my life

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Kurobasu Plus Kareshi ~BL Days~

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I strongly identify with wood elves because I too like to drink wine and talk about how men are failing


Looking for a spiritual experience? Watch episodes with your favorite OTP with the lens “These two are going to fall in love and get married someday.”